Dec. 28 – Blur

That is what 2017 has been for me….. a Blur.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been pretty absent in this forum this year. I started this blog with a goal of posting at least once a month, and I’m pretty proud of sticking to that….. that is until this year. You might ask what has changed?… well….. lots.

In our biggest news: We welcomed Eloise Kate, our newest daughter, to our little family. In her short time here she has been such a joy to our family and lives. When I say 2017 was such a busy season, I look back and think….  not only were we prepping for Ellie’s arrival, but also we still had our 2 year old to take care of… to most recently adjusting from being a family of 3 to being a family of 4. I would be lying if I said it was a easy experience… BUT it’s an experience I wouldn’t change for the world. I know I speak for my beautiful wife that our hearts have never been fuller than they are right now. Everyday is an adventure and a new experience with these girls and we love it.

In other news, I also had a pretty major job change mid year….. Changing jobs mean’t learning a new environment, people, and roles. Accepting God’s plan and stepping out into the unknown was frightening but also so spiritually rewarding. Not to sound to cliche but God opened a door and I’ve just tried to remain obedient in His plan. It’s funny how he works as a whole and how looking back he was preparing me no doubt for this very moment…. even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Praise God for His plan and not mine!

As all of these(and many other) external things have happened this past year, I’ve felt my priorities begin to shift and adjust. It’s unfortunate that in todays’ time, the world and culture tries it’s hardest to dictate what is normal and important. It’s crazy because I use to fall into that trick also….. Things I use to covet and think was important just doesn’t match up my new normal…. and that’s okay.  My challenge now is to live contently with what God has provided and just the simplicity of our lives right now. I so very much hold dear these moments like watching my 3 month old smile in between me trying to feed her …..or cuddling with my 2 year old after we finish her bedtime story as she no doubt is delaying bedtime….  At the end of a busy day, just trying to soak up as much as you can of these moments…. because just like the year 2017, it’s a Blur and if you’re not careful, you’ll miss it.