Sept. 22 – Paddling Citico Creek

Citico Creek – Sept. 5, 2016


Elizabeth and I finally got the chance to take out our kayaks for the first time earlier this month. Below is some pictures and a trip report from our first of hopefully many outings to the Citico Creek area on the Little Tennessee River. This area is a gem for paddlers and it’s about 5 minutes from where we live… Did I mention that I love living in East Tennessee?



Elizabeth and I launching from the 129 side of upper Tellico lake. We will be paddling directly across the river (lake) to the mouth of Citico Creek.

It’s a short paddle across the river to Citico Creek. You’ll pass several islands that were used for Indian burial mounds, these are protected and are to be not disturbed. Crossing this portion of the river you’ll notice the water is very shallow in areas with a depth of only a few feet. Be mindful of submerged trees and stumps are scattered throughout this area.


Once you reach the other side you’ll notice the mouth of Citico Creek and the immediate calmness of the water. From this point you can begin the relaxing paddle as you explore the creek. On this particular Saturday morning we were the first ones there but as we left on out way back to the ramp we passed 10-12 fellow paddlers out kayaking this great area.

As you paddle up the Citico you’ll notice several camping spots along the creek. I hope to try out these spots very soon (and post about my adventure). We only had a few hours on this day to explorer but we hope to return and continue our kayaking journey. I could not be more blown away by the sheer beauty of this natural area that’s literally in out backyard! Did I say that I love EAST TENNESSEE?!?!?





May 8 – Scenic Route

Last Monday I had the opportunity to take the day off at work and accompany my lovely wife (she’s a 1st grade teacher) on a school field trip to the Smoky Mtn Heritage Center. It was a great trip and I had an awesome time hanging out with the kids and getting to experience what the day is in the life of a 1st grade teacher (Bless them… They’re truly a gift from God!)

On the way home I decided to take the road less traveled and jumped on the Foothills Parkway…. and I’m Glad that I did.


Even though our home is very close to this nice scenic drive, It’s been at least a few years since I’ve actually taken this ride into the clouds…. It was such a nice day that I occasionally found myself pulling to the side of the road taking in the views along with the occasional ray of sunshine.  As I hiked up the short half mile trail to the observation tower at Look Rock I found only myself and God up on the top of that mountain. What an incredible experience…




I knew that some storms were expected and as the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in I began my decent off of the mountain and parkway. In the picture above you can see a body of water in the distance… Chilhowee Lake, where Foothills Parkway comes to an end. As I made it to the lake I found myself not wanting my adventure to end there, so I made my way parallel to the parkway and headed up into Happy Valley…. My destination, Abrams Creek. If it’s been a few years since my last visit up the parkway, It had to have been 10 or so years since I’ve visited this part of Abrams Creek. I was excited as I found myself getting closer and one by one my memories of previous camping trips started coming back. It was raining pretty good by the time I got to the Campground which is just inside the National Park…. once again, just like before I was the only soul there. Taking in my surroundings as I listened to the rushing water as rain drops fell all around me. Relaxing and peaceful…. taking in the true beauty of our Creator… not a bad way to spend a Monday.


Daily Post – Dec. 17

Tuesday the 17th… After busy day at work one of the things that I really enjoy doing is walking our Dog, Autumn. Maybe it’s the other way around, perhaps she is the one walking me. Anyway…. This time of the year sometimes it’s hard for me to get excited to do this. Mainly because of the cold weather. Today was the exception…. By the time I got home the sun was shining bright and the temperature was in the very respectable mid 50 degrees. Below are some pictures of us hanging around the pond in our neighborhood. I was reminded of God’s beauty through the warm sunshine hitting my face when even in the cold December months; We are blessed with a great day like today.