Aug. 18 – Journey on Middle Prong

Middle Prong Trail – July 15, 2016



Last month I had the pleasure of hiking this trail with my good friend, Ryan. We were short on time for the day and needed to hike a trail that was “closer” to home. Enter, Middle Prong and it’s amazing waterfalls (4!!!!) and fascinating history (including an abandoned Cadillac and homesite) …. Here’s a trail that I’ve never hiked before (I’ve hiked West Prong ALONG time ago) and always seem to overlook it for the higher elevation hikes at Newfound Gap. Being a member of the Hike the Smokies Facebook page, I would always see pictures of this area and comments of people raving about this hike….you could say it finally intrigue me enough to venture out on my own and give it a try. I appreciate anytime I’m fortunate enough to spend time in the woods but I have to say I was blown away by this trail and everything it had to offer. Below you’ll find the trip highlights.









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