May 24 – Salt Life

Summer is here and we are ready for it. It’s been an incredible year so far, honestly it’s flown by… And it hard to imagine that it’s already this season. Little girl is growing by leaps & bounds and everyday it seems she learns something new. She is such a joy to our life. As I reflect, this time last year we were preparing for her arrival. Elizabeth and I have learned so much as parents and grown closer together as spouses in these past 10 months. I can only imagine what it will be like 5, 10….[GASP]18 years from now. 

Like I said, we’ve been busy with the little one but in other areas of our life we are just as busy and have also seen growth. Elizabeth has an exciting opportunity that I’ll let her share at her timing on her space (check it out if you haven’t already @ and I’ve also had some potential opportunity at my work as well. With that said, we’ve been looking forward to getting away and I couldn’t think of a better place to do that than the beach. 

If you were to ask us where our favorite beach in the US is the answer would be that answer would be Pensacola Beach. This is a place that we’ve been probably 6-8 times since we’ve been together and we love it more and more each time. This year is the first time we’ve been back since the great summer of adventure tour 2 years ago. To say we missed this place would be a understatement. Obviously, this trip would be different than our normal routine of beach bumming for 6-8 hours a day. This trip would be different….. And different is good. This trip we got to take our sweet little girl. We hope that this the beginning of many future beach trips….. And when I say it like that that those 18 years I was talking about earlier makes my heart get just alittle bit fuller. 

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