Mar. 25 – The Wide World of Sports (Streaming)

Technology Corner #3

Cutting the Cord – Part III: The Wide World of Sports (Streaming)


Welcome to part 3 of our Technology Corner series. In this post I’ll talk about what some of the options that are available to those that have cut the cord. I’ll also talk about what are some of my favorite ways to watch online. So enough of that and lets dive right in….

As I’ve stated earlier in this series, I had alot of reservations about cutting the cord. The single biggest of those was being able to watch my favorite team, sport, or the big game. I know from talking with others (especially the guys) that this is a CRITICAL issue and I hope to ease those that are reading that there’re TONS of options available.

The great thing for fans is there’s ALOT of options available for almost any sport you can imagine. No matter the level or obscurity of the sport…. From the Premier League in England to your local minor league hockey team, you name it I bet there’s a option to watch it. The major sports leagues in America and around the world knows that there’s a huge demand for not only a streaming option but a stand alone package that they can sell to the die hard and casual fans alike. I expect as more and more people ditch cable that this will become even more popular and convenient. If we talking about leagues in general, lets look at our options:

  •  – Major League Baseball has basically pioneered this pay option for fans starting with radio broadcast before incorporating TV streaming shortly after. They have constantly set the bar for other leagues and continue to grow this service. In addition, Many games are broadcast on FOX Sports GO and WatchESPN.
  • MLB does such a good job with their service that the NHL contracted with them to administer their own gamecenter service. In addition to this service, NHL partners with NBC Sports and airs many games on the excellent NBC Live Extra app
  • NFL – The most popular sport in america and arguably the richest hasn’t been able to hammer out a service as of yet. The popular Sunday Ticket package is still only for subscribers of DirectTV but there has been talks of opening it up to others. One good thing, the NFL is partners with many over the air networks (CBS, NBC, FOX) so you can catch your local, or national game of the week with a simple HDTV antenna.
  • NBA League Pass I don’t watch professional basketball but if I did this is the service I would be interested in. NBA is also broadcast over the air on ABC and ESPN via WatchESPN.
  • MLS Live –  Even though the league isn’t nearly as popular as the others listed above, Major League Soccer has done a great job of offering this service to it’s fans. Now that the MLS has TV deals with ESPN and FOX sports the future is looking good for fans of the worlds game here in america.

Now that we’ve covered the leagues and the services they provide lets take a look at the other popular streaming apps and options:

  • WatchESPN The big dog when it comes to popularity and sheer variety when it comes to sports. It runs great and on almost every platform you can imagine. You must have a TV subscription to sign in. Popular sports include: NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB, CBB, MLS, Nascar, etc.
  • FOX Sports GO Fox has made this app alot better then when it first launched. It doesn’t run as well as the ESPN option but it does it’s job if you are trying to watch something on the FOX properties. Popular sports include: NFL, CBB, CFB, Soccer, Nascar, UFC, etc.
  • NBC Live Extra What NBC has done is fascinating, they have a small selection of sports but what they lack in variety they make up for treating those properties with everything they’ve got. The attention and focus that they’ve been able to give the BPL and and the NHL is tremendous and the fans have noticed in the form of viewers. Live Extra does require a TV subscription for authentication.  Popular sports include: Barclays Premier League, NHL, Nascar, Golf
  • Kodi Kodi is a open source media platform that can run on a wide range of devices. I wont go into detail on how to setup and install. Once installed, there’s several different ways to unlock kodi to stream many sports streams.
  • I’m including this one because I’m a huge soccer fan. FuboTV runs on all the big platforms and offers the ability to watch international soccer from around the world for only $9.99/month.



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