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Cutting the Cord – Part II: Getting (Good) News


It’s now been over 6 months since we decided to officially cut the cord and looking back I’d STILL do it…..in a heartbeat. That’s in part why I’ve felt the need to post this series to help others that are considering doing the same. I hope that throughout this series others can be encouraged about making the move. If you missed part one in this series you can catch up by CLICKING HERE.

In this post, I want to focus on the content that is readily available for streaming  excellent content to replace your existing TV package.

Getting (Good) News

One of the many question marks that I had going down this path is the ability of getting good quality news … when I potentially don’t have access to the 24/7/365 networks. I wouldn’t say I’m a news junkie or anything but I do enjoy current events and being informed. Obviously, there’s always the local over the air ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX affiliate that has the national and evening news but that always isn’t convenient.  Below are some alternative options that I think work great for cord cutters.

  • CBSN This is my go-to streaming news source, A absolute must in my opinion for cord cutters. CBSN is an absolutely free service from the very reliable and trusted CBS News. They run 30-60 news blocks that are up to date and will break into programming when news happens. They broadcast in very laid-back but serious manner ranging from US and World news. The best way to describe is it reminds me of the original CNN Headline News… but better! CBSN is available online through their website or on the CBSN app on Fire TV and AppleTV.
  • SKY NEWS – In the US, SKY doesn’t have a huge presence but they are the CBSN equivalent in the UK and Europe. Where SKY NEWS shines is in terms of World news coverage, where the US mainstream media tends to not spend as much time on.  SKY NEWS LIVE is available on there website and is a built-in app on AppleTV.
  • FOX NEWS Here’s a idea for the most popular cable news network in the US…. be like your sister station (SKY NEWS) and offer a similar service. With FNC you can only stream through their website, ios and android apps (note: that you must have a TV subscription to do this). FOX News offers a useless Roku and Fire TV app that only plays cached videos with no LIVE video option.  It’s such a shame that as popular as FNC is they don’t have a better streaming option.
  • CNN – Like FNC, CNN only offers streaming for active TV subscribers. It also is available online at their website and on ios and Android devices. CNNgo is preloaded on the older generation AppleTV’s.
  • RT USA RT America is a Russian publicly funded news agency focusing on the United States. They have positioned themselves to be a alternative to the big US mainstream media. It appears that they are trying hard to be the US version on what Sky is doing. I just wish they didn’t have such strong ties to Moscow. They do offer live streaming via their website.
  • ABC NEWS – ABC offers a wide variety of current live streams via their website but not so much when it comes to a device or app.
  • SLING TV Sling is a cordcutters dream… although I don’t have it, I have friends that do and they really enjoy the “barebones” that the service offers. Sling is great for the people on the fence or just transitioning from having cable or satellite to cutting the cord.  On the news side of things, CNN is included in the base package for Sling TV. Sling has a wide range of apps that allow streaming to all the popular devices.
  • KODI – Last but defiantly not least is the very flexible and customizable Kodi. I won’t go into detail on the ways to setup and  stream (NEWS) content via Kodi….. just google it, 🙂


Check back for Part III in this series as focus on Streaming Sports

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