Nov. 10 – Rainy night in the Backcountry 

Blogger note: So I’m way behind on documenting my recent trips this fall. I’ll try and catch up my recent excursions in the next few posts.

Backcountry Campsite 17 –  10/09/15

Early in the month of October I went on a overnight backpacking trip with a group of my friends. We had been planning this trip for several months and we all were looking forward to getting out into the backcountry. For several of the guys, this was their first experience doing a overnight trip.

Leading up to the Friday we were supposed to hit the trail the weather forecast was not in our favor. Rain was expected with heavier amounts in the mountains…. Chance of storms and wind. All of that equals not much fun for a overnight backpacking trip. I expressed my concerns with the group and we planned on possibly postponing our trip to another time. Funny thing happened like it always tends to do in relation to weather…..Especially, weather in East Tennessee. That Friday afternoon, we had beautiful weather with an abundance of sunshine….. Right on cue I began fielding questions from my friends asking if we could attempt our trip. Luckily I hadn’t cancelled or changed our reservation and we decided that the trip was back on. By that time, there was a line of showers that was expected to be in the area around 7 and hopefully move on out in a few hours. (I WISH WE WERE THAT LUCKY) My idea was if we could at least get camp setup before the rain showed up we’d be alright….

We got to the trailhead around 5, and began our journey. This was the real beginning of Fall in our area and you could see the trees begin to show some color. Since this would be the first trip for several of the guys I wanted to do a campsite that wasn’t too far but far enough that we could enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about people being right on top of us. I have a love for Backcountry Campsite 17 and the area around it. If you missed my earlier post about this trail, You can READ IT HERE. We easily made it to BC 17 and began searching for small brush, fallen limbs and anything else we could get a fire going. Once we got our fire established we began to cook our dinner…. around the time we began to finish up we heard the rain in the distance begin to move in. For me, In those moments there’s always a fear that pops up in my head… Did I pack everything I need? Am I prepared for what is about to happen? Are the guys I’m with  ready for this? The rain began to fall and we all got comfortable. I had my tent with a trusty tarp to deflect the rain , the others had ENO hammocks with rainflys and tarps. We all thought at worse the rain would come and go….

…..Little did we know that it would rain solid for the next 17 hours or so. I was shocked when I woke up and IT WAS STILL RAINING…. WHERE WAS IT COMING FROM?!?!

Our whole group was great about the situation and we all stayed dry the whole night. I hated that the rain messed up our plan for hiking to the falls that day. After a night of rain and and the conditions of the trail we all decided it was best to head back to the trailhead…and just like that our trip was over. Overall, it was an experience that was fun and I think the rest of the guys had a good time considering. We already are planning another trip…. we just hope that the rain won’t follow us next time. 🙂

Pictured: Chad, Ryan, Matt, Andy, and Jason

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