Oct. 10 – Cloudhiking Mt. LeConte

Mount LeConte via Alum Cave Trail – 10/6/14

This marks the third time Elizabeth and I have made our journey up Mount LeConte and all three times we have made this trip, we’ve stuck to the Alum Cave Trail. Alum is one of my favorite hikes…. As others have stated…. ‘If ever there was ever a classic GSMNP hike this is it’, and I couldn’t agree more!

We knew ahead that there was a pretty good chance of rain in the forecast for the afternoon so we tried our hardest to at least make it up to the top before the rain set in… We arrived at the trailhead shortly before 9AM.






Please take note this was the only sunshine and blue skies during our whole time on the mountain… luckily we were fortunate to snap a quick picture before the clouds rolled in.


Pictured: Chad, Elizabeth, Kyle and Jessica, and Ryan





This is the first time we’ve actually been able to catch the famous Llamas that stock the LeConte Lodge. The Llamas make 2-3 trips a week up the mountain with their Llama-wrangler.



We made it to the summit just in time to snap a few pictures before the rain moved in on us. Visibility was at a minimum as the wind was really picking up on the top. I hated that our friends that came with us couldn’t see the views from the top as it was their first time on the summit. As the rain began to fall we quickly made our way to the LeConte Lodge and ate our lunch inside the dining hall as we waited out the worst of the rain as it passed over us. After a short while we decided to tough it out as we broke out our rain gear and made our decent off of the mountain. We passed almost 10-12 people who were literally stuck in no mans land (in-between the Cave Bluffs and the Lodge) who were absolutely soaked to the bone. I felt for those folks as we were lucky to have missed the worst of the rain storm ourselves.




All in all it was a great journey up the mountain!


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