Mar. 13 – Back to the DR


Well I’ve lightly teased in other posts but Elizabeth and I are headed back to the Dominican Republic (or as the cool kids say, the DR). We had originally went in October with our church.  Now, we both in our past have been apart of domestic mission trips from one end of the county to the other, but this being our first ‘world’ mission trip going into it we didn’t hardly know what we were doing or what to expect. Of course the normal nerves and the uncertainty of heading into a country that speaks a different language can always stressful and could be a cause of concern, but that really wasn’t the case.  We came back blown away with our eyes open in relation to world missions and truly loving our time down there . Even after we returned Elizabeth and myself would continue to find ourselves talking about our trip and the impact it had on us during our very short time down south.


Fast forward to January and our participation in doing a 21 day biblical fast (follow our 21 day journey here) and coming away from that with our hearts and priorities being pulled more and more into missions. That brought us to God opening the door for us to tag along again this week…


So here we are Today…. Leaving this evening back to the DR. I’m so excited to return and see what God is going to do with our group this time around.  I’m hoping to reconnect with those relationships that we made the last time around but also to make new friends. I know Elizabeth and I both feel blessed to have this opportunity again and I hope for a successful and safe trip. Please if you don’t mind, pray for our team and the people that we are going to encounter. I’ll try and update atleast a few times while we are there… make sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram as I’m bound to update those also. Thanks for your prayers and I’ll catch you on the flipside.  -C (&E)

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