Jan. 31 – Day 19

East Tennessee is slowly thawing out from our recent snowstorm. It was nice being off most of the week because of the weather but at the same time it made the days go by longer….that’s not particularly a bad thing unless you are counting the days until Feb. 2nd. I’ve noticed that the closer I get to the end of my Daniel fast the harder it’s getting. I’m mostly talking about my focus because I catch myself daydreaming about what I will eat next week. Other then my occasional lack if focus Elizabeth and I are still doing a bang up job though. I feel like we’ve made some of our best meals this week too! Even though I find myself looking forward to next week, I can’t help but look back and see the journey that we’ve done (and grown closer) together. The support we’ve had from our friends and family have been nothing short of amazing. We are truly blessed in so many ways! -C (&E)

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