Jan. 23 – Day 11


Yeah… I wish I was on that beach in the Bahamas right now. One word…. COLD! It’s been frigid in East Tennessee recently. So today I’ll mark my very first #ThrowbackThursday with this shot of a beach near Freeport that Liz and I visited at the end of 2013. Elizabeth and I rode four wheelers out to this point where the ocean meets the rocks. It was super cool! Right now, I’m imagining the warm breeze blowing in my face as I sit on my couch under a blanket trying to stay warm. Craziness!

Alright, it’s been awhile since I last posted and gave an update to how I was doing. Day 11 is coming to an end and my fasting journey is over half way done (Hallelujah)! In all seriousness I have really enjoyed this journey and the time I’ve been able to focus on God and his word. With that said I do miss being able to eat meat, have a slice of my favorite pizza, or have a steaming hot cup of black coffee on these cold days. You could say that I’m looking forward to the end of these 21 days, but I will always have this memory and take what I’ve learned through this whole process to grow as a follower of Christ. We have had some pretty incredible news during these 11 days so far, Elizabeth and I have felt led to return the the Dominican Republic in March for another mission trip with our church (We spent a week in Oct. in the DR). More on this in a future post 🙂 -C

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