Jan. 13 – Day 1

It’s a new day….


I snapped this picture as I was walking out the door on the way to work this morning. Today, isn’t just another Monday of another week. It’s day one… Okay, you ask… what are you talking about? Last week our church announced that we as the church body would be participating in a FAST. If your like me, I’ve always heard of fasting and the different types of fast that are out there but I’ve never followed through with actually doing a “real” one. So as for today…. It’s day one. Now, the point of this fast is to not bring attention to myself or any other… its to symbolize denying oneself (our selfish needs) for the sake of our creator. It’s ultimate goal is to grow closer in your personal walk during this time…. To not get caught up in the busyness (and distractions) of life.  For this we are participating in two separate fast, below as described on the FC website:

1. Normal Fast: No food, water juice only for 1, 3, 5 or 21 days. Or fast one day each week during the 21 days.


2. Partial Fast: 21 day Daniel Fast: no meat, breads, sweets, or wine.
3. Cultural Fast: Eliminate at least 1 piece or more of technology, or a hobby that you usually spend time doing for 21 days for the purpose of seeking God in prayer. Examples: movies, TV, cell phone, Facebook/twitter/instagram, Email etc… Get creative and think about what takes up a lot of your time that’s excess.
So keep checking back here as I plan on documenting my progress these next 21 days.  Also, this media will be the only one I’ll be active on during this time…. No twitter, instagram, or facebook. Thanks! -C

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