Oct. 4 – Cool air and cold water 

I was talking to my wife a few days ago and we shared that this time of year is our favorite season.

The cooler temperatures, the change of colors, football…. To me atleast it appears that winter and summer last forever but that when it comes to Fall, it’s here and it’s gone. It’s kinda funny because I just celebrated a pretty significant birthday (The big 3-0) and I appear to have the same thoughts about that as I do with fall. IT JUST GOES BY TOO QUICK!

The truth is that 30 is just a number and just like the seasons, the days will come and go. Here’s to enjoying those crisp mornings in October, the laughter of your daughter as she falls in your arms as she hugs you goodbye, and quiet moments with only you and God in His wonderful creation.

Sept. 22 – Paddling Citico Creek

Citico Creek – Sept. 5, 2016


Elizabeth and I finally got the chance to take out our kayaks for the first time earlier this month. Below is some pictures and a trip report from our first of hopefully many outings to the Citico Creek area on the Little Tennessee River. This area is a gem for paddlers and it’s about 5 minutes from where we live… Did I mention that I love living in East Tennessee?



Elizabeth and I launching from the 129 side of upper Tellico lake. We will be paddling directly across the river (lake) to the mouth of Citico Creek.

It’s a short paddle across the river to Citico Creek. You’ll pass several islands that were used for Indian burial mounds, these are protected and are to be not disturbed. Crossing this portion of the river you’ll notice the water is very shallow in areas with a depth of only a few feet. Be mindful of submerged trees and stumps are scattered throughout this area.


Once you reach the other side you’ll notice the mouth of Citico Creek and the immediate calmness of the water. From this point you can begin the relaxing paddle as you explore the creek. On this particular Saturday morning we were the first ones there but as we left on out way back to the ramp we passed 10-12 fellow paddlers out kayaking this great area.

As you paddle up the Citico you’ll notice several camping spots along the creek. I hope to try out these spots very soon (and post about my adventure). We only had a few hours on this day to explorer but we hope to return and continue our kayaking journey. I could not be more blown away by the sheer beauty of this natural area that’s literally in out backyard! Did I say that I love EAST TENNESSEE?!?!?





Aug. 18 – Journey on Middle Prong

Middle Prong Trail – July 15, 2016



Last month I had the pleasure of hiking this trail with my good friend, Ryan. We were short on time for the day and needed to hike a trail that was “closer” to home. Enter, Middle Prong and it’s amazing waterfalls (4!!!!) and fascinating history (including an abandoned Cadillac and homesite) …. Here’s a trail that I’ve never hiked before (I’ve hiked West Prong ALONG time ago) and always seem to overlook it for the higher elevation hikes at Newfound Gap. Being a member of the Hike the Smokies Facebook page, I would always see pictures of this area and comments of people raving about this hike….you could say it finally intrigue me enough to venture out on my own and give it a try. I appreciate anytime I’m fortunate enough to spend time in the woods but I have to say I was blown away by this trail and everything it had to offer. Below you’ll find the trip highlights.









Jun. 2 – Why Soccer? Why now?

I was reading my favorite local radio personalities blog today and stumbled upon a great piece from none other than Soccer Dave. In Dave’s piece he laid out some great points about the current state and opinion of the sport in the american sports landscape. This really tempted me to speak up on my thoughts and viewpoints on the sport I have recently been enamored with.

The U.S. team poses before an international friendly soccer match against Mexico Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in Glendale, Ariz. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. (AP Photo/Rock Scuteri)
The U.S. team poses before an international friendly soccer match against Mexico Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in Glendale, Ariz. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. (AP Photo/Rock Scuteri)

Why Soccer, Football, Futbol

As you grow older (and hopefully wiser) its funny how things change in your life. For me an example would be my opinion on the sport of soccer. You see, as a young kid growing up in the heart of SEC country the only sport that mattered in my world was football… American football that is… more specifically College Football. Now, don’t get me wrong and let me set the record straight. I still love CFB and more importantly the University of Tennessee Volunteers. They are and will continue to be my #1 team. With that said, growing up in the south and in a rural area, honestly I was never exposed to the sport of soccer. To me it was something completely foreign… and I think it’s human nature to be opposed to something that you’re not familiar with. Everytime someone would speak about it or I would see a highlight my immediate reaction was “Pfft…SOCCER?! HOW DUMB IS THAT?!”  My American would come out and I would say something to the extent of “That ain’t REAL football”….   Little did I know that years down the road I would come to not only enjoy the sport but truthfully love it.


It all started around the 2010 World Cup. I don’t remember exactly what made me give it a try but I was shortly hooked. The intensity and magnitude of the matches reminded me of a classic Southeastern conference matchup. I was floored that I enjoyed it so much. I remember watching as much of the tournament as I could and learning and trying to make sense as I watched. Shortly after Spain was crowned champions I was desperate for more. I stumbled upon the Barclays English Premier League and began watching casually on Saturday mornings. As I understood the game more, I began to learn about the structure and history of the sport. It wasn’t long before I was supporting a team of my own (Chelsea) and finding out which teams I associated with Florida and Alabama (ManU, City, Arsenal). Now you can find me watching and enjoying soccer from many different leagues around the world. I tend to find myself watching the Premier League and Champions League the most strictly do to television coverage. As our domestic league (MLS) has gotten better exposure the last several years I have noticed myself watching more games stateside and I know that the expansion team in Atlanta will help with my investment in the MLS. I also have enjoyed supporting my local area club (Knoxville Force) as they battle the lower tiers of the US soccer pyramid (My thoughts on this subject will come in a later post).

Why Now?

Many of my family and friends ask me this question often. Why now? Many of them have a similar story to mine about having a predetermined idea about the sport and still can’t seem to understand why me and most of america have gone “Soccer Crazy”. For me I can best sum it up like this:

  • I enjoy the passion of the players and fans of the sport – Watch a world cup match, Champions League final or a Darby between Liverpool and Everton and not come away with a newfound respect for the game. From a supporters side: The colorful tifos, smokebombs, drums, singing and chanting….. doesn’t get much better.
  • Matches are shorter – 90 mins to be exact, not including extra stoppage time. One of my biggest complaints with the modern CFB game or your average Major League Baseball game is the the length of each game. I’m growing tired of the 4+ hours that these games require. Speed it up!
  • Promotion and Relegation – This is a concept that is complete foreign to us here in the US and the majority of team owners have kept it that way for a reason.Why?.. because It protects them and their money. Put it this way if you are a crummy team like the Atlanta Braves are this year, and you finish last… guess what? You get demoted out of the majors to the minors.  But don’t worry, there’s always the ability to get promoted back. You just have to try… and as fans this is all we ask. Ask yourself this, if promotion and relegation was in the NFL the Cleveland Browns might be in Pop Warner football right now. This seasons Premier League champion (Leicester City) was playing in the 3rd division of English soccer in 2008/09.
  • The game is Exciting – Wither its a penalty shot or a last second goal in stoppage time the game is truly exciting. Every game is an opportunity! You might ask how can a game that finishes 1-0 be classified as exciting? Remember the previous point above… you are playing the long-game. This isn’t the NBA or Arena football…  chess not checkers!